How to Plant Purple Hull Peas-a Dinner Favorite and Family Tradition

Grandpa grew them, His daughter grew them, and now his grandson will continue the tradition. Learn how to plant purple hull peas. An easy crop to grow and you can have a freezer full for a year. Ready to learn about this hidden pea?

Two long mature purple hull pea pods along with stems and leaves

I wasn’t really fond of peas growing up… black-eyed peas, sweet peas. but when I came into my husband’s family, I was introduced to the purple hull pea…..mother- in-law’s dad grew them and her sister also supplied them with years of peas. Two years after they stopped growing them we bought some pea seeds and knew we would continue the tradition.

When should you plant purple hull peas?

Our family said to plant on Good Friday, but Easter can fall around possible cold temperatures. I think the best time to plant is…

Do you soak peas before planting?

I have never soaked them but soaking them will help them germinate.

How long does it take purple hull peas to germinate?

It takes about 7-14 days for purple hull pea seeds to germinate.

Can you put seeds straight into the soil?

Direct sowing into the ground works great for this crop

How far apart do I plant purple hull peas?

  • trench three rows 12 inches apart because I can reach the harvest
  • pea seeds are about 2 inches apart and about an inch deep.
  • 18-24 inches between and plant another three rows 12 inches apart.

How deep do you plant peas?

Peas can be planted about 1 inch deep. After dropping the seed in the trench, one of my kids goes behind them and covers the trench.

How to grow purple hull peas. Easy to grow and a plentiful harvest.
how to grow purple hull peas. rows of purple hull peas.

Have you ever wanted to start your own seedlings? Check out Beginners Guide to Start Seedlings here.

How tall do purple hull peas get?

up to 18 inches tall

Do purple hull peas keep producing?

If you get an indeterminate variety they will produce longer. If you select a determinate variety, you will pick only one time.

Purple hull pea varieties

  • Mississippi Pinkeye Purple Hull
  • Pinkeye Purple Hull
  • Texas Pinkeye Quickpick
  • Top Pick Pinkeye

Find out what variety is best for you whether it’s vining, semi-vining, or bush.

Are black-eyed peas and purple-hull peas the same thing?

No. They are cousins

What to grow peas with?

How many days to harvest?

55-70 days until harvest.

Do purple hull peas need a trellis?

No. They do not need a trellis. they grow in a small bush about 2-18 inches tall. Some varieties are more vining but I haven’t used a trellis.

Do peas need full sun?

Yes, 4-6 hours of sunlight to grow this pea.

What is the best fertilizer for peas?

Peas will help amend the soil with nitrogen. They are very hearty and grow in tough conditions.

How long can you grow purple hull peas?

  • four weeks after the last frost in the spring to 12 weeks before the first frost in the fall. For us, that is about mid-April to mid-August.

You can plant every two weeks if you want to harvest all summer.

How much space do I need?

Purple hull peas require more space than some vegetables you may grow. You need several rows of 100 ft or so.

other names for purple hull peas

  • cowpea
  • field pea
  • southern pea
rows of purple hull pea plants
rows of growing purple hull peas

How do you harvest purple hull peas?

The pods grow on top and can easily be picked. Pick when the pods have 50 percent purple. If you wait until the pods are mostly purple, they are not as good. My husband’s family said to harvest them earlier and they have a better flavor than the store…I have tasted the store-bought and they do not taste very good.

If it works better for you, let the pods dry on the vine and turn dark purple. Harvest and store the dry peas.

How to shell purple hull peas

Get the pods wet and opening will be easier.

We shelled by hand our first year, but we were given The Pea Sheller from the family. We have already cranked it up and started shelling. It works great!

How to plant purple hull peas. Put nitrogen back into your soil and grow these souther n peas.
pea sheller sitting on the back of the truck. Was given to us by family…now we continue the tradition

Now, the kids enjoy pea shelling!..almost as much as eating them…..well maybe!

Cooking instructions for purple hull peas

  • Bring peas to a medium boil
  • add salt and a drizzle of oil
  • boil for about 25-30 min or until just soft

Note: for added flavor…..cook organic brown rice and add salsa to your bowl of purple hull peas.

For long-term storage

  • I blanch them and freeze them. Boil for 3 min and put in cold water for 3 minutes. Freeze in a good freezer bag. Using a quart size works great.
  • Also, you can let the pods mature and collect the dried peas for storage.

Consider learning how to plant purple hull peas. I think you’ll like this little southern pea. And maybe you’ll like this pea if you haven’t really cared for peas before.

Have you ever wanted to start your own seedlings? Check out Beginners Guide to Start Seedlings here.

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