How to Make Natural Homemade Sunscreen for Healthier Summer Skin

Rushing around to drop off the kids at grandparents, to buy food these little people devour, my daughter showed me her arms and face were covered with a rash. What happened? Realized I slathered sunscreen all over her to play in the sprinkler. Knowing her sensitivity I was always careful, and a product I had used in the past, but this time she broke out. Now, it will be a couple of days before this subsides. While comforting my daughter, I knew I had to find a natural homemade sunscreen that was easy, healthy, and prevented a miserable, crying little girl.

mom holding and comforting a little girl with an allergic reaction

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What is the best natural sunscreen?

Finding natural sunscreen alternatives was a must for my daughter and my husband was sensitive too. Sometimes after applying sunscreen, he would start to itch.

Overall, it’s just healthier to use something for your skin that has better ingredients. Purchase these at your local health store or online. Some grocery stores may have some of these ingredients.

Commercial sunscreens are made with harsh chemicals. oxybenzone(a synthetic estrogen that can cause raised levels of estrogen), and fragrances. These can cause skin irritations.

Homemade sunscreen has been effective for our family and I am so glad we found a replacement.

Ingredients used for DIY sunscreen.

  • aloe vera
  • beeswax
  • raspberry oil
  • carrot seed oil
  • coconut oil
  • shea butter
  • sesame seed oil
  • zinc oxide powder

Can you make your own natural homemade sunscreen?

Yes! Making your own sunscreen is so easy with this homemade natural sunscreen recipe.

With a double boiler, or bowl set inside of a pot and these ingredients, you can make a natural homemade sunscreen that’s without chemicals and might save you money on natural store-bought sunscreens.

What can I use instead of sunscreen?

Vitamin D is so important for your health, so decent exposure is fine. Covering up is the best protection from the long days in the sun and only use natural sunscreen when exposure is long.

How can I make sunscreen without zinc oxide?

Omitting zinc oxide powder will work as there are other ingredients that have an SPF. Without zinc oxide powder it’s a great lotion. The texture is so smooth and feels amazing on the skin.

Is coconut oil a natural sunscreen?

Yes. Coconut oil has a natural SPF. Homemade sunscreen with coconut oil makes this such a smooth natural sunscreen. I enjoy using coconut oil in many things. Read about my uses for coconut oil for ear infections or cold remedies.

Natural Homemade Sunscreen
rubbing Natural Homemade Sunscreen on hand with a bowl sitting by an coconut cut in half

Sensitivity to lotions

Finding a natural homemade sunscreen was a necessity since my daughter broke out in a rash from the store-bought sunscreen. She’s always been sensitive to lotions.

I’m reminded of the first time she found my vanilla-scented lotion and came to me with a rash.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this was internal or topical. I soon realized she had just come from my room and the rash was on her neck and arms. I found out quickly little girls like to rummage through mommy’s cabinets and use all the fun stuff.

I did the mommy test and rubbed a little of the lotion on her back and it turned red and inflamed.

Does homemade sunscreen work?

Yes for us. Do your research and decide if a homemade sunscreen is right for you. Applying a very good amount and rubbing it in is key!

My daughter has never had a rash again from sunscreen. We make this homemade sunscreen recipe each year. Knowing I could make this homemade gave me so much comfort she could play without a reaction was worth making it!

Cover those little noses and faces…..

natural homemade sunscreen
mom and daughter sitting on the beach and moms putting natural homemade sunscreen on daughters nose

Is aloe vera gel a natural sunscreen?

Yes. Aloe Vera gel is a natural UV protection. Use other ingredients for complete coverage. We make our homemade sunscreen with aloe vera.

Also for sunburn,

  • Use aloe vera for after-sun care. I have an aloe plant growing in my herb/flower garden. Pick one up at your local nursery.
  • mix coconut oil and melaleuca oil.

This is very soothing and will heal your skin if you get burned.

Is too much sunscreen healthy?

A friend once received a doctor’s letter stating they were very low in Vitamin D. They put on sunscreen each time they went outside. The plants need sun and we do too! Too much sun your skin will burn, so take precautions.

Making a natural homemade sunscreen is simple, without chemicals, and will save you money. Although it was mommy’s fault the second time I slathered lotion all over her, you won’t have a child with a rash that ruins their couple of days. Now, she can have fun in the sun.

Do you use natural homemade sunscreen?

joyful girl in blue dress with open arms in sprinkler

Ingredients for this natural homemade sunscreen recipe

Natural Homemade Sunscreen

Lori Free | Naturally Free Homestead
Natural Homemade Sunscreen


  • 1/2 cup unrefined coconut oil
  • 2 tsp aloe vera gel
  • 2 tsp sesame seed oil
  • 1/4 c shea butter
  • 2 1/2 T zinc oxide powder
  • 1/4 cup beeswax (optional)
  • 5-10 drops carrot seed oil (optional)
  • 5-10 drops red raspberry seed oil (optional)


  • Melt coconut oil, sesame oil, shea butter, carrot and raspberry seed oil in a double boiler or place in a bowl heating in a pot. If you are adding beeswax add that in also. Carrot seed and raspberry oil are strong. Add a small amount.
  • Pour out ingredients when melted.
  • Add the aloe and the zinc oxide powder
  • Mix with a whisk and pour in a glass jar


Use a generous amount and reapply every hour or so when wet or sweating. Omit zinc oxide powder for a great lotion. 
Or add zinc oxide to a natural lotion you already have. 
Using beeswax will make this thicker. 
I usually make this without the carrot and raspberry oil. Those oils can have a very strong scent.
SPF: as a combined natural sunscreen, I am not sure of the exact SPF
*Disclaimer: This is not intended to treat or diagnose. This is for informational purposes only and it is your responsibility to educate yourself. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

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