Making Vanilla Extract with Rum is so Easy with Only 2 ingredients

It’s a hot summer and all you can think about is cooler weather, warm sugar cookies in the oven, and the holidays. Start making vanilla extract with rum for baking and gifts for your friends and family. You need 2 ingredients, a little time for the best flavor for all your savory baked goods.

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Buying real vanilla at the store is an option….but what if you could make it at home? With just 2 ingredients you can make homemade vanilla extract!

Is vodka or rum better for making vanilla extract?

Can I mix vodka and rum for vanilla extract?

Yes, I have never mixed the two so the taste will be different use 80-proof alcohol.

Homemade vanilla extract with 2 ingredients

Does homemade vanilla extract taste better?

Yes, the flavor is so good, you won’t believe you can make it that easily!

2 Ingredients for making vanilla extract with rum

  • vanilla beans
  • rum
  • TIME.…ok this is the third but this one’s easy

How many vanilla beans to make extract

Choosing the number of beans to alcohol ratio is your choice, and I have used more alcohol and fewer beans. We had to use more extract in our baking for flavor. A good ratio is 5 whole beans to 8oz of rum.

Where to purchase vanilla beans

  • Local health food store
  • online-I have purchased Madagascar beans on Amazon
  • Co-ops

Best vanilla beans for extract

  • Madagascar vanilla
  • Tahitian vanilla
  • Mexican vanilla

Note: Vanilla beans also have Grade A and Grade B

How long should homemade vanilla sit?

Making vanilla extract with rum is easy, so flavorful, and now your baked goods are even yummier with whole ingredients even down to the vanilla! Happy Baking!

making vanilla extract with rum
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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Lori M. Free
How to make homemade vanilla extract with 2 ingredients


  • 5 vanilla beans
  • 8 oz rum


  • Slice open lengthwise the beans pod exposing the tiny beans inside
  • Then, chops bean pods about 1/2 inch long
  • Add to jar and add rum
  • Shake well
  • Shake daily for about a week then every few days. for 6 to 8 weeks
  • * for a large batch double/triple/quad the beans and rum


Homemade vanilla is so good. Enjoy in 6-8 weeks. You may pour out what you need and let the rest sit longer. Or you can strain and use. Add rum back to used vanilla beans again for a second use. Let sit longer to extract as the second batch won’t be as strong, but it still has a good flavor.
Tip: You can open a new bottle of rum 1 liter(about 33 oz) and add 20 beans. 

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